Virtual Assistant For Professionals

Amplify Your Productivity With Virtual Assistants

Streamline Your Success

Maximize your efficiency with our virtual assistants. From message and appointment management to overseeing your online store, posting on social media, transcribing meetings, and beyond. Simplify and streamline your daily tasks effortlessly. Let our virtual assistants empower you to conquer your workload with ease. Do more in less time.

Inbox and Calendar Management

Optimize your schedule with expert Inbox and Calendar Management. Priority tasks, reminders, and seamless organization.

Virtual Administrative Tasks

Delegate administrative tasks seamlessly from preparing spreadsheets and presentations to organizing your CRM and booking meetings. Your to-do list, without the to-dos.

Customer Service

Exceptional customer service is vital for business success. Get a VA to address queries and resolve common customer issues via email, live chat, or phone support.

Social Media Management

Let a VA handle your social media presence—schedule posts, engage with followers, and curate content for seamless day-to-day management.

Copy Writing

Elevate your brand with a skilled VA in copywriting. From compelling ad copy to engaging blog posts, we've got your content needs covered.


Transform spoken words into written text with a dedicated transcription VA. Accuracy, speed, and reliability for your transcription needs.

Why Choose Daydreamer To Get a VA?

Because we’re all about people – your people and ours. We handpick the top 3% of talent, focusing on great communication skills and experience with North American clients. Need a Virtual Assistant? We’re quick – you could have one in just a week. No long-term commitments or sneaky fees. Let’s make it about real connections, not just business.

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Sourcing Talent

We pride ourselves on hiring the top 3% of talent Every VA candidate undergoes thorough and comprehensive training, ensuring they are equipped with the skills to exceed your expectations

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Quick Solutions

Get the support you need fast – hire a Virtual Assistant in as little as a week. Our proactive Matching team is dedicated to finding your perfect fit. Your time is valuable, and so is finding the right support.

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Choose freedom with no long-term commitments or hidden fees. Secure a Virtual Assistant for as low as $7/hour, and enjoy the flexibility to adjust hours as needed – scale up or down, and cancel anytime.

Ready to have a Virtual Assistant?

Would you like to know more about our services, or how hiring a VA can help your business? Get it touch now!