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Welcome to Day Dreamer Outsourcing

Feeling buried under to-do lists? Drowning in emails and calls? Daydreamer Outsourcing is here to rescue you. We’re not just virtual assistants, we’re your business’s secret weapon – a dream team of superheroes ready to handle the daily grind and free you up to chase your biggest dreams.

Joshua Aguirre

Joshua Aguirre

Founder / CEO

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Andy Saldevar

Co-Founder / COO

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Our Vision

We envision a future where every business – from solopreneur to empire-builder – has access to the dream team they deserve. We’ll keep building bridges, forging connections, and empowering virtual superheroes to transform businesses and lives.


Our Philosophy

We believe in the power of collaboration, in the magic of work-life balance, and in the transformative potential of unleashing human potential. Our company is a vibrant hub of diverse talents, united by a passion for excellence and a dedication to making your business dreams come true.

Our Process

We recruit, vet, and onboard top-tier virtual assistants tailor-made to your specific needs, from customer service ninjas to finance wizards, social media mavericks to coding unicorns.

Say goodbye to the endless to-do list! Our VAs handle the daily grind, freeing you to focus on what truly matters – growing your business and living your life to the fullest.

We champion a culture of balance, understanding that happy VAs make for thriving businesses. Flexible schedules, remote work options, and a supportive environment ensure your dream team stays motivated and energized.

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